So where are the AMVs?

Looking over the best possible ways for people to view the videos, exporting them to a flash video (i.e. YouTube, Google Video, etc) format seems to be the best way to minimize bandwidth usage since our current web host is as limited as our previous web host. Instead of doing a rotation of available videos, all videos will be available and having back up versions is planned when the main site gets overloaded (if ever).

If you want a offline version, that will be tricky since we only distribute that stuff to people we know personally or somehow find a random site that has them. We’ll think about an offline version but it is not in our interest at the moment.

Trying to contact us? Right now it’s just sp00n at this domain (yes spoon with zeros) since we are sick of spam. If the email is somehow harvested, then we’ll just junk the email and make a new email address to use. All previous addresses listed on the old site have been tossed until further notice.

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